Meet Your Editor

Hi, I’m Jeanette, your friendly Senior Editor at Golden Rule Editing. I wasn’t always an editor. I started out, as most people do, as a young child. Growing up in Central Ohio, I developed many interests at an early age. By the time I entered high school, I was writing short stories regularly, had become a certified scuba diver, and dreamed of being an interior designer one day.

After high school (we’ll skip those years for your benefit and mine), I attended Smith College in Massachusetts where I majored in English Language and Literature. During this time, I also became a PADI Divemaster, the first of many professional diving certifications.

I spent four long and expensive years earning a degree only to then shirk all responsibility and become a full-time scuba instructor. My first career took me around the world from Spain to Indiana to the Caribbean and finally to Texas. But after seven years of instructing, I found myself unsatisfied. I needed a new adventure. But what?

The universe stepped in to answer this question via a midnight phone call from my mother. She was crying over a book of stories I had written and bound for her during my high school years. “You have to be a writer. You have to share this talent with the world,” she told me. A few days later, an afternoon phone call from my father planted the idea in my head yet again. “Have you ever considered being a writer?” he asked.

Writing had always been a passion for me. From blogging about my scuba adventures to writing a novel in my spare time, I was never without a pen and paper nearby. But as a full-time career, I didn’t see how it would work.

Fast forward to December 2017. After a few chaotic months, Jeanette the Writer had been born and I was finally open for business. While ghost blogging and copyediting might have kept me from being a true starving artist, my heart was still dedicated to creative writing and editing.

To feed my passion, I began visiting local critique groups and making friends with other writers. As I listened and learned from them, I discovered something very interesting. While the process of writing seemed to come naturally, editing was a whole other story.

Each writer had their own definitions of editing, their own rules of what to edit for, and their own timeline for when to edit. After seeing the confusion and frustration of writers who were unsure and frightened of the editing process, I knew something had to be done.

Thus, Golden Rule Editing was established to help writers understand and successfully complete the editing process. From teaching writers how to self-edit to providing professional developmental and line editing, my goal is for you to end up with the best draft possible.

Together we can make that happen. Explore our Developmental Editing and Line Editing services. Or check out our Self-Editing classes. Editing is a normal (and necessary!) part of writing. If you’re unsure or nervous about editing your work, contact Golden Rule Editing today.