Editing Services

Why is editing important?

Writing gets words on the page, but editing makes those words shine. Whether it’s reviewing your first draft or completing your final proofread, editing for both big-picture and sentence-level elements is critical before querying or self-publication. Every writer—professionals and hobbyists alike—needs to edit their writing. Learn how with a coaching call or choose from one of the editing services below.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing deals with the WHAT of your novel. What is the theme? What are your characters like? What happens in the story? Your writing is evaluated for plot holes, POV inconsistencies, and overall strength of story.

In this type of editing, developmental notes with suggestions for changes and restructuring are provided. No changes are made directly to the manuscript text.

Line Editing

Line editing deals with the HOW of your novel. How did you write the book? How does the story flow? How are the sentences and words arranged on the page? Your writing is evaluated for sentence structure, flow, and overall style.

In this type of editing, sentences are restructured and revised directly in the manuscript. No developmental notes are given on the narrative.

Editing Coaching

Books and coaches to help you write are abundant, but coaching a novelist through editing their work is a much different story. During our coaching session, you will learn how to effectively self-edit your novel for:

  • Unnecessary Words
  • Vague Words
  • Adverbs
  • Over-Describing
  • Passive Voice
  • Dialogue Tags
  • Cliches
  • Punctuation
  • More!

With my unique blend of coaching, editing, and encouragement, you will walk away from this program feeling in-control of your work and the edits it needs. Every coaching session comes with a 15-page manuscript review. Learning how to edit from a seasoned professional can help lessen feelings of panic and confusion. Click to book your coaching call today!