Self-Edit Coaching Program

What is Self-Edit Coaching?

Many writers finish their books but don’t know what to do next. Self-edit coaching is here to teach you the golden rules of editing your manuscript. With coaching, you learn what to edit for and how to fix issues once you find them. A coaching call can help you determine the steps you need to get your manuscript from first draft to finished product. Whether you’re querying agents or planning to self-publish, every manuscript needs editing.

Why do I need Coaching?

There are many steps to the editing process—developmental editing, line editing, beta reading, proofreading—but none so important as self-editing. When writers know what to edit for in their work, they can then solve and avoid common writing and storytelling mistakes. Learning to self-edit can help hone your author voice and allow professional editors to provide better feedback. Only by learning and doing can a writer become stronger.

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What do I get with Self-Edit Coaching?

There are several options for self-edit coaching depending on your writing level and desired outcome. All services are customized to you. This is not a one-size-fits-all course; this is real education tailored to your needs. Coaching packages range from a single phone call to a multi-tiered lesson plan.

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Contact Jeanette [at] GoldenRuleEditing [dot] com to discuss your needs.

How do I Arrange Coaching?

Self-edit coaching is available on a by-appointment basis. Sessions may take place via phone, Google hangout, Zoom, or Skype. The number and length of sessions depends on your custom-made coaching plan. To get started, please fill in the Coaching Questionnaire.